Living Well with Autoimmunity

Amanda Chocko, NTP

Living Well with

Amanda Chocko, NTP

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Are you ready to reclaim your health?

You are in the right place if you:

  • Have been diagnosed or suspect you have an autoimmune condition
  • You believe that nutrition and lifestyle are key to regaining your health and vitality
  • Are ready to take ownership of your healing journey
  • Would like a personalized framework, guidance and support through the process

Regain your health and vitality through personalized nutrition.

Your Immune System
Exists to protect you.

Like your own personal army, it remains on high alert, seeking out and destroying foreign invaders. All to keep you alive and well. When it is working properly, your immune system is your best friend.

But sometimes the immune system can go into overdrive. It confuses your own body tissues with a foreign invader. It creates antibodies and begins its relentless attack. This is autoimmunity. There are over 100 types of autoimmune conditions. But they all have the same mechanism.

Genetics, environmental factors, diet and lifestyle all play a role in autoimmunity. Unfortunately, we cannot control genetics and all environmental exposures. But we can control our nutrition and lifestyle choices. And that can make a world of difference.

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

The Autoimmune Protocol uses a combination of nutritional therapy and lifestyle modifications to help reduce systemic inflammation and regulate your immune system so you can begin your healing journey. You will temporarily remove foods that may be contributing to your condition and replace them with nutrient dense, delicious foods that will help to reduce inflammation and bring your body back into balance.

In addition to diet, we will work to restore your gut health, optimize sleep, develop stress management techniques and a positive mindset. All imperative to your healing journey.